New mobile app targets water wasters

SAN DIEGO - A new mobile phone application geared toward community and neighborhood safety issues has turned into a website targeting people perceived as wasting water.

"It didn't start out that way; it was focused on community safety, but there are a lot of aspects associated with a community's well being," said Peter Mottur, the founder of the app called VizSAFE.

The app was launched in April, and it became a popular site for people to post pictures and videos of water running down streets and driveways.

"It's really taken off in Los Angeles, but I think it's really about public awareness, so if you're being outed then you'll start complying with the rules," Mottur said.

The photos are not forwarded to any agency, but the free application and website is open to anyone who wants to view it.

Learn more about VizSAFE by visiting

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