New gate may be partially responsible for helping reduce smell at La Jolla Cove

Sea lions, birds responsible for smell

SAN DIEGO - A new gate installed by the city of San Diego at La Jolla Cove may be partially responsible for helping reduce the odor in the area.

The sea lions and birds at the cove have proven to be a big attraction, but they have also proven to be responsible for a horrible smell.

"You can't breathe," said one visitor.

Another added, "It's just stinky."

A few weeks ago, the city of San Diego installed a gate allowing people to walk on the cliffs where sea life usually lounge.

"It doesn't really smell at all," said Chad Valderrama.

The gate may only be partially responsible. As people walk on the cliffs, the birds and sea lions tend not to roost so long, but the unusually high surf may have had a role in helping to cleanse the area with every wave.

"We walked here yesterday and the odor was pretty strong, but with the surf today, you hardly notice it at all," said Lisa Welch, who is visiting from Arizona.

Business owners above the cove have filed suit against the city because of the odor, but also believe the gate is a good first step.

Lifeguards do keep an eye on the cliffs to ensure none of the marine wildlife are harassed in any way.

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