New downtown San Diego Central Library nears completion

High school will occupy two floors in building

SAN DIEGO - It is one of the newest buildings in San Diego, but the Central Library in downtown -- with its domed roof -- is a whole lot more than just books.

"This is going to be so, so much more than just a building with shelves and books," said San Diego Public Library Foundation member Mel Katz.

The nine-story facility will also be home to charter school e3 Civic High School.

"I think it will be the first in the nation to coexist in a library," said Dr. Helen Griffith, the school's executive director.  

The school will occupy two floors of the building and will be a high-tech wonder.

Griffith said the school would include "green screens, interactive whiteboards, collaborative centers plus an internship program that will make good use of our business connections in the community."

The school will start with the 9th grade, which already has a waiting list to get in. There are just 50 seats left for the 10th grade.

In the future, the school will have 570 students who will have access to the full resources of the library.

School is set to start September 3, with the library set to open September 28.


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