New book out about Hannah Anderson kidnapping case

Author says investigation botched from the start

SAN DIEGO - There is a new book out about Hannah Anderson and the murders of her mother and young brother.

The book's release comes as prosecutors announced Wednesday that the two FBI agents who shot and killed Anderson's alleged kidnapper, Jim DiMaggio, will not face criminal charges.

"I truly do not believe we've heard the truth, even close to it," said Sue Julsen, the author of the new book "Zip Ties and Lies."

In the book, Julsen examines the alleged kidnapping of Anderson from last August, the brutal murders of her mother Christina and 8-year-old brother Ethan and what she calls the "firing squad" murder of DiMaggio.

Anderson was found nearly a week later after nationwide manhunt for DiMaggio, known to her as "Uncle Jim."

"There's no proof that Jim DiMaggio committed these crimes. There's no proof that he kidnapped Hannah," added Julsen on the phone from her home in Nevada.

DiMaggio, 40, was killed by federal agents in Idaho, where the two were found.

Julsen tells 10News she is a kidnapping victim herself who began to write true crime novels as an escape. She says she felt compelled to write this book since the facts did not add up since the beginning.

"I think it's been a cover-up since the get-go, starting with Sheriff Gore," she added.

Julsen says Hannah's father Brett Anderson knows more than he is letting on.

She also writes about divorce papers that Hannah's mother reportedly carried with her wherever she went.

"If those divorce papers had been found, it would have given proof that Brett had motive to kill his wife," Julsen said. 

She also says she wrote the book on speculation and what she found online and not from fact.

Last October, 10News reported about a similar book called "The River of No Return" by author Chelsea Hoffman.

10News contacted Hannah's grandmother, Sara Britt, about the new book. She said she was never contacted by Julsen, although Julsen says she called her once. 

Britt added that the only knowledge she had about Julsen was that she believed both authors – Julsen and Hoffman – work for the same publisher, had a contractual falling out and are now competing against each other.

10News contacted the San Diego County Sheriff's Department about the new book and the allegations about Gore covering up the investigation and was told in a statement:

"This was a multi-agency effort with extensive and forensic utilized. The investigation stands on its own, and we understand the need for 'true crime' authors to make money and exercise their right to free speech."

Britt added both books were written based on speculation.

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