Neighbors upset about trees being cut in Solana Beach neighborhood

3 more trees may still be on chopping block

SOLANA BEACH, Calif. - Tree cutters were about 50 feet in the air on Wednesday using a chain saw to chop down a pine tree in Solana Beach. It took three men to load one heavy chunk at a time into a shredder.

"We need more mature trees around here," said resident Boris Buecker.

But the reason for removing them from the condominium property called Lomas Santa Fe Villas was still unclear.

"I don't see any justification for cutting them down, unless they're bringing up the foundations of the properties or anything," said Buecker.

Orange paint coats three additional pine trees, but crews left those alone.

Homeowner Rose Ryan called 10News, concerned about the trees. She says she will fight to save the remaining marked trees.

From what 10News has gathered, the roots were causing damage to an electrical box, causing it to lean forward.

The homeowners association tells 10News it is part of a landscaping beautification project. They are eliminating water-wasting plants and trees that cause damage to sidewalks and sewer systems.

They issued a statement to 10News which read in part: "The association has consulted with landscaping professionals to help ensure that the project's goals are met without sacrificing the beauty of the Lomas Santa Fe Villas community."

They plan to replace them with trees and shrubs that are beautiful and not prone to causing damage or wasting water.

The statement also continued, "The association has asked the contractor to halt work to enable the association to provide more information to the owners and residents about the overall beautification project."

They hope all the residents will be proud and happy with the final result.

"I would be surprised if they cut them down. It would be a shame. They're beautiful," said Buecker.

The homeowners association will meet with residents at the beginning of May.

10News will let you know if the rest of the trees will be saved or cut down.

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