Neighbors planning to sue Chula Vista police officer over his Jet Ski collection

Neighbors call officer a bully

CHULA VISTA, Calif. - Some South Bay residents are wondering whom to call when it is a local police officer they want to complain about.

Chula Vista resident John Schuricht told 10News that his neighbor, Chula Vista police Officer Rick Rhodes, has left 11 Jet Skis in front of his house for almost two weeks. He said they violate three city codes besides just being an eyesore.

Schuricht said he and several others have tried calling the city and police. Nothing happened. They have also tried talking to Rhodes in person.

“With me he told me to get out of there,” said Schuricht.

Another neighbor who did not want to be identified added, “He has ruined the standards of the neighborhood. He has acted like a bully.”

“I think anyone else would have been ticketed or had the stuff taken to a storage yard,” said another anonymous neighbor.

Schuricht called 10News.

10News reporter Preston Phillips knocked on Rhodes’ door Friday. No one answered. Phillips then called Chula Vista police.

The Jet Skis were moved off the road and into Rhodes’ driveway over the weekend.

“Everything got done instantly,” said Schuricht.

A Chula Vista police captain said Rhodes was reported to the department’s Professional Standards Unit, which could investigate the officer’s behavior with his neighbors.

“I feel this officer feels he’s above the law and he really doesn’t care about his neighbors,” said Schuricht.

Just to be sure, Schuricht said he is filing a lawsuit because the Jet Skis in the driveway still break the neighborhood’s rules.

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