Neighbors: No one cares we live next to a dangerous, dilapidated home

Team 10 Troubleshooter takes the case

SAN DIEGO - Neighbors desperate to get rid of an eyesore contacted Team 10 for help after they tried to get action by the property owner and the city for more than a year. They say it's dangerous, and an accident waiting to happen.

Rosa Lyons lives across from a burnt shell of a home on South 35th Street in San Diego with her husband and three kids.

"People come and do drugs," Lyons said. "I mean it's crazy how people just walk through and think they can just sit here and throw trash. We constantly have to clean the area because the rodents."

An abandoned toilet, an old Christmas tree and burned furniture litter the yard while a stereo sits on top of the roof.

Team 10 also saw a man urinating right in front of the home, out in the open, in broad daylight.

"We are all human, we want somewhere safe to be, somewhere safe to live and in an environment that's better and kept up for our children," said Lyons.

Neighbors took video that shows kids on top of the home, despite a dilapidated roof.

"They go in there, they run up and down the steps. They jump off," said Lyons.

Lyons said half the home recently fell apart while it was raining. She worries the whole house is going to fall down and hurt or kill somebody.

"Nobody does nothing," said neighbor Antonio Garcia.

Garcia said he's been complaining to the city for a year since the home burned down but no one will help him. He said he's called police, code enforcement and the fire department.

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Team 10 went straight to the property owner, Jimmie William Johnson, who blamed the city of San Diego for the home's condition.

Johnson said he was in the process of making the home safe, and said the city bears some responsibility.

"Well, I thought they was going to come put a fence up," Johnson said of the city.

Court documents show Johnson has been fighting with the city over his properties since 1996.

In the latest battle, the city billed Johnson more than $45,000 in 2011 because it abated or cleaned up two of his properties.

Johnson then sued the city for not putting up a proper fence. He said that's the reason the home on 35th Street burned down.

Team 10 asked the city if something could be done in the meantime.

A city spokesperson said there would be no comment, because of an active code enforcement case against Johnson, in addition to the litigation initiated by Johnson.

"I feel really bad because I have nothing to do with this fight" between the city and Johnson, said Garcia.

Team 10 still is working on a solution for the neighbors.

"I just want something done about it, so I feel more safer so i don't have to keep looking out my window and worry -- what's going on, who is out there," said Lyons.


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