Neighbors in South Park post fliers warning of 'known drug house'

SAN DIEGO - Neighbors living near 31st Street in South Park have posted fliers around the neighborhood, warning of what is being called a "known drug house."

The people living inside the home call the fliers slanderous and say the home is owned by a notable member of the art community. However, neighbor Keith Zeber says he has seen the drug activity firsthand.

"They had drugs actually in their car," said Zeber. "They were smoking it out of a piece of aluminum foil. I would just tell them to get out of here."

The most recent fliers named the homeowner as Timothy J. Field. 10News looked up the ownership records and confirmed the name on the deed.

A man who lives inside, who called himself Richard W., also confirmed the owner.

"The owner of the property was the founder and chief executor of the nonprofit San Diego Art Institute for over 17 years," he said.

The flier also mentions police raids, which Richard W. confirmed. He said police nearly broke the door down.

Zeber also said he was there during the raids.

"The narcotic officers were out here," said Zeber. "They said that they were doing their job."

Richard W. said that no one was arrested and police did not find any evidence of drug use or distribution.

10News called police for more information late Tuesday but did not receive a call back.

Zeber says activity at the home has calmed down since the police investigation.

"Nobody's been around at all," said Zeber. "No coming and going, coming and going all the time."

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