Neighbors in De Luz outraged after convicted rapist moves in

DE LUZ - A North County community is outraged after a convicted rapist moved in on the sly.

Residents in De Luz, a community southwest of Temecula, met Saturday to share concerns about their new neighbor who has a violent past.

Close to 200 neighbors packed the De Luz Volunteer Fire Station, north of Fallbrook, demanding answers. They want to know how 69-year-old Barrett Littleton, a convicted rapist, could move into their neighborhood without any of them knowing.

"We would've liked to have been notified the proper way. We just all kind of found out because his parole officer got lost," said Tamera Cudal, a concerned neighbor.

Littleton moved in last month. He is considered a low-risk sex offender, meaning neighbors do not get notified.

Littleton was convicted in 1990 of raping a woman in Pacific Beach twice as well as three other related convictions in the 1970s. He is suspected in more attacks but the victims could not identify him.

"Pretty freaked out. I haven't slept in my own house since that night," said a woman named Stephanie, who asked 10News to withhold her last name.

Stephanie says Littleton came to her home about two weeks ago to chat.

"[Littleton] just gave me a really bad feeling in my stomach, really bad so after he left I put cones up at the end of my driveway two days later, I find out it's this guy," she said.

LIttleton is required to wear a GPS monitoring device but some neighbors questioned whether it will work because of the bad cellphone reception.

Maricela Ruiz is concerned because she has two young boys and lives a mile away from Littleton.

"There's more precautions making sure the doors, the windows are locked. Out here, we leave everything open because there's no one around, no danger around," Ruiz said.

Tamera Cudal handed out flyers Saturday. She said she has about 50 people interested in taking courses to learn how to use a gun and self-defense.

"The women are living in fear and I want them to take control," said Cudal.

The San Diego County Sheriff's Department says it is reviewing its policy on sex offender notifications.

Concerned residents called Saturday's meeting. State parole was also invited but did not show up.

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