Neighborhood still on edge more than a year after resident taped messages using 'n' word to her door

VISTA, Calif. - A North County neighborhood has been living on edge for a year and a half ever since a resident taped hate-filled signs to her front door using the "n" word.

There have been a lot of developments since 10News first reported on this story 14 months ago, but what still has not changed is Jemila Khelaf's front door at her Moncato Springs residence, and the many hate-filled signs using the "n" word taped to it.

As 10News reporter Preston Phillips was talking on camera, Khelaf's front door flew open and a new sign was nailed to it that read, "RACIST MEDIA HARASSMENT."

Phillips asked, "Jemila, can we talk to you?"

Khelaf them slammed the door without saying a word.

From the signs on her door to the threats neighbors say Khelaf has made, residents say it is like they are being held hostage.

"She's threatened in the past to kill my son, she's threatened in the past to kill my wife, she's threatened in the past to kill me and she said specifically that she was going to rape my little girl," said concerned resident Trevor Myers.

Following 10News' story in June of 2012, the San Diego County Sheriff's Department proceeded to charge Khelaf with threatening crime with intent to terrorize, but one of the victims in the case says the District Attorney's Office refuses to formally press charges.   

Investigators even noted, "Khelaf has one weapon ... a Raven .25 caliber pistol."

"So, we just get to sit back and wait and hope and every night I go to bed crossing my fingers that tonight isn't the night that something happens," Myers told 10News.

At the end of June 2013, a San Diego judge ordered Khelaf – who also goes by Andrea Rice – to pay Myers more than $24,000 in legal fees after Myers was forced to defend himself in court after Khelaf filed for a temporary restraining order claiming Myers was harassing her.

In court transcripts obtained by 10News, the judge told Khelaf, "I think you have mental issues, to put it bluntly. I don't believe what you say ... I'm dismissing the request with prejudice."

Myers said a bench warrant has been issued for her arrest because she refuses pay up.

Meantime, residents like Earl Relf continue to be offended by the hate-filled signs she will not remove from her door.

"It's offensive to the neighborhood," he said. "It's offensive to everybody that comes by and reads it."

The sheriff's department tells 10News they will give this case another look on Monday.

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