Navy vet ranks hot dogs at all 30 MLB parks

SAN DIEGO - A Navy veteran took his love of ballpark food across the country to find the best hot dog in baseball.
Tom Lohr of Tulsa, Okla., visited all 30 Major League parks from April to July. He created a scale to judge each park's hot dogs based on six factors: Bun, taste, toppings, portability, price and the "it" factor.
He combined his score for the hotdog, with the ballpark experience, and came up with a winner.

"Baltimore does a good job of having a great stadium at a decent price, a great dog at a decent price… You've got the all-beef Hebrew National frank in the middle. You've got relish, onions, two types of mustard, (it) sets it off."

Rounding out the top five was Coors Field in Denver, the Great American Ballpark in Cincinnati, Turner Field in Atlanta and Chase Field in Phoenix.
Petco Park did not fare too well, coming in 21st on Lohr's list.

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