Navy to replace underground fuel pipeline in Point Loma

POINT LOMA, Calif. - The Navy will begin replacing a controversial underground fuel pipeline in Point Loma.

Signs were posted around the area warning residents about the pipeline which is located very close to the shoreline.   

Millions of gallons of fuel pass through the pipeline at Naval Base Point Loma each year snaking 17 miles up to the Marine Corps Station at Miramar.

“It's not safe. I mean there is a lot of ground erosion here. Heavy tides could wash the pipe loose,” Point Loma resident Mike Gregson said.

The 60-year-old pipeline is not only by the water, but underneath homes as evidence by a medallion located on a street corner.

The last inspection report obtained by 10News indicated that there were cases of corrosion and 575 instances of metal loss which makes the pipe thinner.

The Navy insists the pipe and fuel transfers are safe but residents worry none the less.

“It is a bit scary, it could explode,” Mary Gilbert said.

The Navy is proposing to repair or replace four and a half miles of pipeline that runs by the water’s edge and move the line up to Rosecrans Street.

To do that, the Navy is seeking public comment.

“I'm very glad to see that the public process is starting because it's all about getting community input,”  San Diego City Council member Kevin Faulconer said.

The pipeline runs through Faulconer’s district.

The proposal is also seeking to relocate about a mile of pipeline which crosses the San Diego river and install shutoff valves in the event of an earthquake.

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