Navy corpsman Petty Officer 1st Class Ben Flores receives Silver Star at Camp Pendleton

3rd highest military award for valor

CAMP PENDLETON, Calif. - For 10 years, Petty Officer 1st Class Ben Flores has served his country as a Navy Corpsman, but on April 28, 2012, all his skills were put to the test by a suicide bomber.  

Flores was a part of a convoy that was torn apart by the attack.

Yet despite shrapnel in his back and sides, Flores went to work saving others -- even as enemy forces opened up with small arms fire.  

On Friday, the military honored his heroic actions by giving him a Silver Star, the military's third-highest award for valor.

"I knew I was injured, but I didn't stop to treat myself; my concern was the wounded," Flores said after the ceremony.  

"He is the most humble person, he hates making a big deal out of anything," said his wife Jerrianna Flores.

Flores' brother Jason, an Army officer, flew out from Fort Campbell, Kent., for the ceremony.

"I couldn't be prouder of my litter brother," Jason said.


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