National security experts headed to Mission Bay for counter-terrorism summit

5-day event to be held at Paradise Point Resort

MISSION BAY - A massive, week-long counter-terrorism summit held at the 44-acre piece of land on Mission Bay where the Paradise Point Resort sits starts Monday.

The California-based security organization, The HALO Corporation, is hosting the event and said residents should expect loud noises, even some pyrotechnics and parachuting, throughout the week.

The week-long summit will bring together national security experts from local, state and federal law enforcement agencies, including the military and the intelligence community

The purpose of the event is to educate and train those who work to keep America safe domestically and abroad.

“We've been doing this event since 2006 as a bi-coastal event, one of East Coast, one on West Coast,"said HALO Corporation President Brad Barker. "This year is the largest one we've ever done."

During the summit, a military training company that has provided pre-deployment training to over 600,000 military personnel over the past 10 years, will conduct live-action demonstrations, including ground level pyrotechnics and simulated munitions fire to replicate real-world scenarios. But some scenarios will not be as realistic.

“We're having a little bit of fun because it over Halloween so we're making the bad guy in this week’s summit zombies because they move around like moving hoards, like some civil unrest scenarios, they can infect you like a chem-bio event or some type of pandemic,” said Barker.

On Tuesday, a team of former Navy Seals will parachute onto the Paradise Point Resort for a real-world scenario involving a downed pilot.

Barker said none of what is taking place at national security training event poses any danger or hazard to the public.

“Obviously, we're not going to do anything that's going to put anyone in harms way,” said Barker.

The summit runs from Monday through Friday.

The Paradise Point Resort will re-open to the general public Friday afternoon.

Some of the speakers at the event include CIA and NSA Director, General Michael Hayden, Senator John McCain's wife Cindy McCain and San Diego Police Chief Bill Lansdowne.

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