National City's Highland Avenue has become Chargers celebration central

Mayor calls spontaneous event 'holy celebrations'

NATIONAL CITY, Calif. - Highland Avenue in National City has become a hot spot for fans of the Chargers to celebrate victories, and now businesses in the area are jumping on the bandwagon.

National City Mayor Ron Morrison calls Sundays on Highland Avenue after a Chargers win "the holy celebration."

On Thursday, businesses throughout the South Bay city were asked to "Bolt Up" and decorate their properties with Chargers colors.

Restaurants, car dealers, and even National City's City Hall showed up in blue and gold.

The effort is meant to get people to shop locally but to also capitalize on community pride.

"Come Sunday, the Chargers are going to take care of the Donkeys," Morrison said, referring to the Denver Broncos.

Seven years ago, Morrison tried to lure the Chargers to National City. He said he wanted to build a new football stadium on the city's marina.

"But it involved four different government agencies working together ... good luck," Morrison said.

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