National City teacher faces misconduct allegations

Teacher currently on leave; no charges filed

NATIONAL CITY, Calif. - Another parent has come forward with allegations of misconduct by a National City elementary school teacher.

Team 10 first uncovered disturbing allegations Wednesday when two parents came forward to accuse a teacher at their daughter's elementary school of misconduct.

"While they were at a table reading, he took my daughter's hand and put it on his genitals," said one mother.

Another mother said she was in shock when she learned of it only after investigators came to their homes.

Now, a third parent said he learned of the allegations after watching 10News.

"I had gone to the school to pick up my son and saw the [news] van at the school. When I watched that night with my son, his demeanor changed immediately, I could see in his face and body language he was hiding something," the father said.

That parent said he did not press his son for details. After he contacted authorities, he plans on taking his son to Rady Children's Hospital to talk with a professional.

The Palmer Way Elementary School teacher, according to the National School District, is on administrative leave pending the outcome of an investigation.

National City police have turned over their findings to the San Diego County District Attorney's Office.

"I haven't slept," said the third parent, "I'm really worried about this."

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