#MySanDiego: The Wine Country

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FALLBROOK -- Why go outside San Diego County for fine wine and wine tastings when you can find a successful winery practically in your own backyard?

Ira Gourvitz and his wife purchased the property that the Fallbrook Winery sits on 20 years ago.

"Everything that you see here we replanted,” Ira said. “There was a vineyard here, and it was a winery, and they only made champagne, but it just didn't work."

However, it's working now.  You could say wine runs in their blood. Ira’s son Ted joined the family business after college. He says Fallbrook's ideal climate and soil are key to growing great grapes.

“Those two combinations really put us in a great place to make wine here that can compare to wines just about anywhere really in the world,” Ted explained.

Their wines, from merlots to sauvignon blancs, have won several awards.  But first, you need good grapes.

“We handpick our grapes so they'll fill those bins,” Ira said. “We start at 5 a.m. in the morning.”

They have 700 fifty-nine gallon French oak barrels. Ira says this is the largest commercial winery in Fallbrook. Their estate grown wine is called 33 Degrees North -- that's where this vineyard is on the map.

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