#MySanDiego: The Old Town Graves

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SAN DIEGO -- Did you know there’s a gravesite in San Diego that many people don’t even know exists?

Old Town’s El Campo Santo Cemetery is one of the oldest sites in San Diego. In fact, you could be walking on it without even knowing it.

The year was 1888. Horse-drawn street cars were being planned along San Diego Avenue. But where would the tracks go? How about right on top of the remains of over 30 people buried at El Campo Santo Cemetery.

"A lot of them died of disease, scarlet fever," said Dean Glass with the Whaley House Museum. Glass has lived his entire life in Old Town.

"I definitely have felt eyes on me. I've come in to this cemetery all alone, but I never feel alone."

Eventually, the horse-drawn street cars gave way to automobiles. It wasn't until 1993 when ground penetrating radar detected the underground bones.

"They knew that there were bodies, it was just being able to find them,” Glass said. “Out of respect, they marked them with little grave site markers."  

The markers are sprinkled all over San Diego Avenue and the surrounding sidewalk, leaving some pedestrians spooked.

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