#MySanDiego: Coronado's solstice clock

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CORONADO – When people think of Coronado, most immediately think of the Coronado Bridge, but there’s a lesser known area of the Silver Strand south of there you may not know.

That is where a group of nature lovers created the perfect solstice clock. It is the first of five discovery points along the 1.5 mile Nature’s Bridge to Discovery, a little-known path that runs along the eastern side of the Silver Strand.

So why a solstice clock and not a sundial?

“Well a regular sundial you look down, and we wanted people to look up and see what an amazing place this is,” said Glen Schmidt, who created the clock with his team at Schimdt Design Group. “Also, seasons are such a big part of the Silver Strand and our lives, we wanted to celebrate the seasons.”

“So the solar clock here marks two important days of the year: the winter solstice, which this year is Dec.  22, which is the shortest day of the year, and the summer solstice, which is June 21, which is the longest day of the year.”

"This is probably one of the best kept secrets in San Diego, it's been here for 16 years,” Glen said.

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