Multiple brush fires reported off Wildcat Canyon Road near Barona Casino

SAN DIEGO - Multiple fires blackened open swaths of brushy land alongside a rural road just south of Barona Creek Golf Club Tuesday, moving toward some buildings but causing no reported structural damage or injuries.

The fires broke out for unknown reasons near Wildcat Canyon Road and Founders Way in Lakeside about 11:45 a.m., according to Cal Fire.

Resident Toni Garcia told 10News, "It was really scary; coming up to my house and seeing the backyard ablaze."

Crews were able to halt the spread of the flames by about 1 p.m., said Kendal Bortisser, a fire captain with the state agency.

Barona Fire, Cal Fire and U. S. Forest Service firefighters launched a full-on air and ground attack, knocking down most of the flames before they reached any homes -- with a bit of assistance from homeowners utilizing garden hoses.

Tanya Darby joined her neighbors, watching intently.

"Pretty close, pretty close here. You know, I showed up with my brother and my other cousin. We were with the hose, spraying it down; a team effort to keep it from getting to her house," said Darby.

It was a frightening few moments for those trying get to their homes.

Anthony Solis was concerned, saying, "I was expecting the worst because someone had told her, 'Your house is on fire …' We didn't know what to believe until we got here but it was pretty much under control."

The flames triggered images from almost 11 years ago.

Garcia remembers it well, and she told 10News, "We were here for the Cedar Fire so it just brings back memories."

Janice Pinto was sympathetic, adding, "That's really hard; my daughter's house burned down in that fire so it always bring back memories about that fire that happened through here."

As of 8:30 p.m., the fires were 100 percent contained at 25 acres.

Investigators are checking out the 12 points of origin to determine how the fires were triggered and to see if arson is to blame.

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