MTS trolley inspector Patricia Alamillo helps deliver baby at Otay Mesa trolley station

SAN DIEGO - Ten years on the force could not prepare an MTS inspector for what happened at a San Diego trolley station on Tuesday morning.

For inspector Patricia Alamillo, Tuesday morning was anything but routine. She got off the trolley at the Iris Avenue station in Otay Mesa when her partner said something was going on outside.

"They were on the bench and she was having contractions," said Alamillo.

A woman who wished to remain anonymous was on a bench. Her teenage son was holding her and another man was calling 911. She was about to have a baby.

"Without hesitation, I helped her out," said Alamillo.

From a different trolley location, Alamillo described to 10News what happened next.

"I was standing just the way I am right now, and I just leaned a little bit and Mom was there and the baby," she said. "I saw the baby's head and I secured the head."

It all happened within about 3 minutes, but when the baby arrived, there was no sound.

"She came out a little purple, so I massaged her and she gave out a little cry and I continued to massage her and she gave out that newborn cry," said Alamillo. "I continued to massage her and everything was OK."

It was a baby girl. Alamillo handed her to the mother and paramedics arrived a few minutes later and took them to the hospital.

Alamillo has two daughters of her own but has never helped deliver a baby. She tells 10News it was maternal instinct.

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