MTS officers take down man at trolley stop

Woman who shot video says it was excessive force

SAN DIEGO - An Otay Mesa resident says she is outraged and astonished after seeing what she describes as unnecessary force by Metropolitan Transit System officers.

"I just happened to be in the wrong place at the right time," Krystal Delgado told 10News Monday night.

Delgado, who recorded the entire confrontation on her cellphone, says the man in the video – now identified as 30-year-old Christian Thompson – was responding sarcastically to the officer's questions at the trolley station near City College on Saturday night.

"He was answering all of their questions," Delgado said. "He wasn't doing anything in any aggressive manner. He did have a dog with him but his dog was being super obedient."

When Thompson grabbed a notepad and stood up to write down the officer's name and badge number, things got out of control.

"The officer in front of him grabs his wrist and the notebook that's in his hand goes flying," she told 10News. "When that first officer makes that motion, all of the other ones move in."

Next, the officers took Thompson to the ground.

"Get off me. Get off me," he is heard yelling in the video.

San Diego police officers arrived shortly after that and Delgado says it was a witness who called police in to help.

"We called police because of how much force was being used on this man," she said.

In the video, Thompson can be heard calling out for his dog.

"I want my dog," he says. "I want my dog!"

That also remains a concern of Delgado's: if the dog is now another pit bull that has been taken to the county animal shelter.

Meanwhile, Thompson remains in custody. Bail was set at $5,000.

10News spoke with a trolley officer who knows officers involved in Saturday's confrontation.

He reminded 10News that part of their job is to get people with no intention of riding the trolley out and away of the fare paid zones, especially after they have been drinking, like Thompson had been that night.

Thompson was arrested and booked on charges of obstruction of justice, disorderly conduct with alcohol and a failure to appear charge.

He is scheduled to face a judge on Tuesday afternoon.

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