Move on to end Ocean Beach Marshmallow War

SAN DIEGO - The battle is on to stop the messy marshmallow fight in Ocean Beach from happening this 4th of July.
The Ocean Beach Town Council says the annual tradition has gone from family friendly to violent.

At Wednesday night's council meeting, board members asked residents to act as volunteers on the 4th and try and get people who may be considering participating in the annual “Marshmallow War” to turn over their marshmallows and "mallow out."

 “It’s now wise to get into a citizen’s arrest or anything like that, you know, we have to be politically correct about this, we've got to be cool, we've got to be calm,” Town Council Board Member Trudy Levenson said.

“The reason we're a part of this campaign is to really clean up the streets of Ocean Beach,” said Teresa Poole, a local resident.

The Marshmallow War started out as a fun little battle between a couple neighborhood streets, but each year have become more and more intense. After last year's event, more than 2,000 pounds of marshmallows and trash were left on the sidewalks and beach.

Participants used to just throw marshmallows. However, some started using marshmallow guns and slingshots to propel them at incredibly high speeds. Then they began lighting them on fire, adding rocks and even freezing them.

“It’s spiraled into something dangerous, and we don't want anybody to get really hurt or perhaps fatally injured,” Stevenson said.

To help out, many Ocean Beach businesses have promised not to sell marshmallows on July 3 or 4.

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