Motorcyclists Mark Anniversary Of Deadly Crash Near Ocotillo

Lance And Amy Heath, Tonya Trayer, Bill Miller Killed In Crash Near Ocotillo One Year Ago

About one hundred motorcyclists gathered on Sunday to remember the one-year anniversary of a deadly crash in Imperial County that killed four members of Lakeside's Saddletramps Motorcycle club.

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A group of club members rode from the Harley Davidson in El Cajon to the crash site near Ocotillo on Sunday in memory of fellow riders Tonya Trayer, Bill Miller and Lance and Amy Heath, who were killed in the crash.

According to the California Highway Patrol, a group of twelve motorcycle was traveling east on State Route 98 west of Mount Signal bound for Yuma, Ariz. last November.

The driver of a gold Honda Civic traveling in the same direction tried to pass the group of motorcyclists at a speed of about 100 mph.

Traveling in the opposite direction was a white Dodge Avenger, which lost control trying to avoid a head-on collision with the Civic. The Dodge over corrected and crashed into the motorcycle group.

According to the CHP, the driver of the gold Honda who caused the crash still has not been found.

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