Mother says she warned Hamilton Elementary School about bathroom bullying

Sarrayah Harrison files lawsuit against district

SAN DIEGO - A mother spoke to 10News about the terrifying ordeal that happened to her son at school in what's being called a "nightmare bathroom."

Sarrayah Harrison told her story one week after a lawsuit was filed, alleging a kindergarten student molested another student inside the same elementary school bathroom.

"There's been a boy assaulting my child in the restroom," said Harrison in an audio recording of a meeting she had with the principal and a teacher at Hamilton Elementary in central San Diego a year ago.

Harrison had just pulled her six-year-old son out of the school for what she calls clear bullying. For privacy reasons, he is not being identified.

"It was just very, very upsetting," Harrison told 10News.

She said last May, her son, a kindergarten student, came to her and told her another boy in his grade threatened to beat him up while in the bathroom.

Harrison said she informed the teacher, but it happened again a few weeks later -- this time, she said her son was grabbed forcefully and ordered to place his head on the toilet seat before he ran off.

Harrison said she wrote the teacher a letter requesting that her son not be sent to the bathroom alone.

"When I first sent the letter, she sent him with a buddy, but then she continued to send him to the restroom by himself," said Harrison.

Harrison said her son was by himself in early June in the bathroom when he was allegedly attacked by the same bully and another boy.

"One student distracted him, pointing in one direction. Then they pulled my son's pants and underwear down," said Harrison.

Her son said he screamed and scared them off.  She said he continues to suffer from anxiety issues, including bedwetting. A meeting at the school ended with a vow from the principal.

"We will follow up," can be heard in the recording.

But five months later, according to a just-filed lawsuit, a female kindergarten student allegedly bullied another girl repeatedly, before molesting her in the bathroom.

Attorney Dan Gilleon is representing the girl's family, and now, Harrison, in lawsuits against the San Diego Unified School District and school's principal.

"A few months later, it's happening again, and she didn't do anything about it.  It shows neglect," said Gilleon.

"As a parent, I'm terrified ... Would they have stopped with just pulling the pants down or would it have gone further? ... They're (the school) responsible for the safety of our children and they need to be held accountable when that's not done," said Harrison.

The San Diego Unified School District declined to speak on the cases, citing pending litigation.

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