Mother of teen gunned down 2 years ago talks to 10News after 3 suspects arrested

SAN DIEGO - A San Diego mother is preparing to face her son's accused killers in court Monday. She says it was bittersweet after learning all three suspects were arrested.

"When (the police) told me, I was happy but at the end of the day, it's not bringing my son back," said Elisa Carrillo.

She fought back tears as she remembered how her 14-year-old son Richard, who went by Richie, was gunned down more than two years ago.

The teen was visiting friends and family at an apartment complex near Interstate 15 at state Route 94. He was in the alley when he was shot and killed.

One possible suspect was detained about a year ago, according to Carrillo. On Thursday, she received a phone call from a San Diego Police Department homicide detective who told her that four suspects were in custody and they were not looking for anyone else. 10News later confirmed that only three suspects were in fact apprehended.

"They're just heartless, they don't have no heart," said Carrillo.

She still does not know why anyone would want to take someone's life, especially at such a young age.

"My family still grieves because of this. He never meant no harm to them. He didn't know them," she said.

Carrillo is only left with memories of her son who loved to listen to music, skateboard and play video games on his PlayStation 3.

"He would like to dance," she said. "He liked to joke around. He was always with me. He would always tell me he was going to have his kids and then move in with me. He was a big mama's boy."

Carrillo is full of heartache but says she plans to be at Monday's arraignment and follow the case through the judicial system. She says she hopes the killers pay for what they did.

"When they took my son, they took a part of me," she said.

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