Mother of jailed Marine Andrew Tahmooressi talks to 10News before son's court hearing

SAN DIEGO - The mother of a Marine jailed in Mexico is speaking out one day before her son faces a judge on weapons charges.

Jill Tahmooressi arrived in San Diego Tuesday and will attend her son's hearing in Tijuana. It was her first visit to San Diego since her son, Andrew, was arrested.

In an interview with 10News, she talked about her expectations for Wednesday, saying, "It would be a miracle; it would be a miracle if he's released Wednesday. From what I understand, it would be nearly impossible."

Andrew Tahmooressi was arrested three months ago when he crossed the border in San Ysidro with three legally registered guns in his vehicle. He had just moved to San Diego for post-traumatic stress disorder treatment and was living out of his truck. He said he took a wrong turn and his mother maintains it was just an accident.

"He literally pulled out of a parking lot which was only a few hundred yards from the border and he took a left turn onto an onramp that he thought led north to San Diego, but it quickly looped to the south," said Tahmooressi.

At Wednesday's hearing, Tahmooressi said her son will get to explain to a judge what happened the night he crossed the border.

Witnesses, including the customs agent who had first contact with Andrew, are expected to testify. Jill Tahmooressi believes the Mexican government will share what evidence they have against Andrew.

"It's been excruciating painful," said Tahmooressi. "Mainly because of the uncertainty. It's a foreign country, foreign judiciary system."

Andrew Tahmooressi's story came into question after it was revealed he had been to Mexico before. He claims his original attorney told him to lie.

Jill Tahmooressi hopes the truth will prevail and her son will soon be a free man.

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