'Moscow Mule' mugs disappearing from Ocean Beach bar

Popular drink served in copper mugs

SAN DIEGO - Someone is making off with all the mugs and management is getting mad.

The Raglan Public House in Ocean Beach serves a popular drink called the Moscow Mule, which is served in a copper mug.

"For people who are Moscow Mule aficionados, you have to use a copper mug," said Mike Zouroudis, Raglan managing partner. "People freak out when you serve them their drink that's not in a copper mug."

That mug is expensive.

"Anywhere from $18 to $25 a cup," he said.

Raglan Public House has spent more than $1,000 on the mugs because people keep stealing them. Only five remain of the 60 that were purchased by the restaurant.

"They get stolen all the time," said Zouroudis. "We struggle to keep them in our store."

10News Reporter Joe Little took the mug to a Chula Vista-area recycler to see if it had any value. It did not. One mug would probably fetch $1.20.

"It makes you mad just to the fact that it's a pain to go search and it's time consuming," Zouroudis said.

Raglan servers have started asking for a patron's driver license as collateral to make sure no one would leave with the mug.

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