More vandalism to cars in Pacific Beach reported: Hybrid, electric vehicles targeted

Cars being egged, keyed

SAN DIEGO - 10News was contacted by even more residents who have been hit by vandals in Pacific Beach and the Bird Rock area of La Jolla. The vandals are targeting cars with a special interest in hybrids and electric vehicles.

"Just this morning someone told me that their friend got vandalized," James Baum told 10News.

He added, "He got keyed on the side of his car. I saw another guy – one of my buddies –his whole front grill got just ripped off and it cost him $400!"

The vandalism has gone from egging to keying and breaking into hybrids and electric vehicles.

"I think that's what they're trying to go after … the hybrids, the more expensive cars," added Baum.

They are also egging vehicles, which can cause major damage to paint jobs.

10News contacted Marcus Betton of Trophy Auto Spa in Pacific Beach to find out what egg damage can do to cars.

"It's mainly the egg white that is the problem. Because it's high in protein, it can become very sticky and bond to the clear coat," Betton told 10News.

He cracked an egg on his car to demonstrate.

"As we all know salt (from the beach area) decays your paint, and the sun beating down on something like an egg sticking to your paint will leave long-term damage for sure," said Betton.

The damage, if not treated immediately, can cost more than $100 to fix.

That is why residents are taking to neighborhood social media sites such as to report it and taking matters into their own hands.

"Ever since last week since I have been hearing about this, I am more aware of where I park," said Baum. "It's not the PB that it used to be. It's completely changed."

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