More than 300 Boy Scouts learn life skills at Merit Badge Day in Clairemont

Scouts from Southern California attended

SAN DIEGO - Hundreds of Boy Scouts from all over Southern California gathered in Clairemont on Saturday for the annual Merit Badge Day.

For Ty Mico, this is not just about learning how to tie knots. For him, it is about preparing for the future, which is why he wanted to get involved in scouting.

"I'm thinking of joining the military and after talking to my parents, they said being an Eagle Scout will be good for my resume," he said.

Though he is only a few months in, he has already learned the importance of preparation and teamwork. But, scout leaders say many take away so much more, especially those who do not get the support from home.

"There are a lot of boys that don't have dads or their parents aren't involved in the outdoors," said assistant scout master Mike Strauch.

On Saturday, more than 300 Boy Scouts from Southern California attended the annual Merit Badge Day. It is training that is provided by those in the community that has been around for at least a decade.

After weeks of preparation, each scout was one step closer to earning a merit badge. There are more than 130 available. Earning more than 20 helps one become an Eagle Scout.

A huge part of Merit Badge Day is the hands-on training, which the scouts will be able to use later on.

"When scouts are getting merit badges, they're working on being prepared, being prepared for life," said scout leader John Kind.

Leaders say the training will also make them better citizens.

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