More than 200 volunteers help build new playground, fitness station in El Cajon

Volunteers had 6 hours to fix up Bostonia Park

EL CAJON, Calif. - More than 200 volunteers rolled up their sleeves Saturday and built a new playground in El Cajon.

They spent their morning drilling, mixing cement and putting together playground pieces. All were working to build the community of Bostonia a new playground for the kids, which included fitness stations for adults.

The entire layout was designed and chosen by members of the community and the improvements were paid for through donations and city funding.

Drew Ausems is one of the volunteers. As a child, he grew up playing at that same recreation center and now years later as a member of the American Legion, he attends meetings there regularly. Signing up to help was rooted deep in his heart.

"Bringing it back after we're done serving in that aspect, we're also helping the local community as well," he said.

The parks and recreational center plays a huge role in the lives of those who live in El Cajon, since most of the programs offered there are free or at low cost.

Ausems says it promotes healthy living and gives kids an outlet.

"It helps getting them outside like it was when I was a kid," he said. "We were always outside running around, not inside of the house all the time."

The official grand opening of the playground is scheduled for Tuesday morning.

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