More than 200 kids participate in Reggie Bush football camp in La Mesa

Bush returns to his alma mater Helix High School

LA MESA, Calif. - Savannah Nichols, 14, may not have much experience on the football field, but she is determined to make her mark. She is starting by getting some basic training at the Reggie Bush football camp.

"Every boy says girls can't play football, and I throw and catch a little," she said.

Bush, who is from San Diego and an alumnus of Helix High School, organized a camp for kids who are in the first through eighth grade. The kids were nominated by local organizations and given a chance to run through drills and plays just like the pros.

Landon Degraff says he has always wanted to try this.  

"I wanted to know how the professionals do the drills, if they get nervous before games," he said.

Bush says he enjoys interacting with the kids, giving them an outlet and introducing them to the game he grew to love in San Diego, regardless of their gender.

"Some of the girls work harder than some of the boys, so it's really good to have them out here," Bush said. "It just makes it so much better. They shouldn't be limited to what sport they play."

It is encouraging news for girls like Nichols, who has plans to use this training to help her get ready for her school's football team tryouts.

This year's camp is a two-day event. Bush is hoping next year's will be a four-day event.

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