More crabs? Swarm of tuna crabs found at Mission Bay

Countless crabs found on local beaches

SAN DIEGO - The swarms of crabs showing up on local beaches have now spread to Mission Bay.

Tuna crabs have been showing up on beaches all the way from Tijuana to La Jolla, and now they are all over the sand at Mission Bay.

Researchers with Scripps Institution of Oceanography are still trying to figure out why the crabs beached themselves, but they say it's a possibility that it's because of the warm water coming from Mexico.

A woman visiting San Diego from Brazil is concerned because a lot of the crabs seem to be dying.

"We are trying to save some of them that are alive and put them back in the water," Karla Barros said.

Researchers are still testing the crabs to find out exactly why they are here, and they say they should know more next week.

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