More complaints aimed at former manager at Knott's Soak City water park

Employees: mirror used to peek at visitors

CHULA VISTA, Calif. - A stunning new accusation has emerged about bathroom privacy at Knott's Soak City in Chula Vista.

10News has learned that the water park known for family fun is now getting hit by a wave of complaints from employees.    

"Clothed, he would walk by and rub his genital areas on my arms," said Camelot Blankenship, an employee at the water park.

Blankenship said he was sexually harassed by Eric Wood, his 37-year-old manager of food services at Knott's Soak City.

Emmanuel Castro said he was also harassed and witnessed others getting touched.

"He groped another employee and I was just standing there in shock," said Castro.

Castro and Blankenship – along with another man – have filed complaints with the Department of Fair Employment and Housing.    

In August, 10News did a story about a different employee who claimed repeated harassment with explicit emails as proof.

Dan Gilleon, who is the attorney for all four men, told 10News that park management knew about the issues and tolerated it for the three years Wood worked at the park. Wood was recently fired.

"Everyone knew if you were going to keep your job, you weren't going to complain about it," said Gilleon. "This was definitely a systemic problem."

One concern that did get out was security mirrors mounted in all four public bathrooms that allegedly look into the tops of the stalls.

Castro said Wood would brag about getting a good look at men.

"He said he would peek through the mirrors standing in certain areas," said Castro.

Both Castro and Blankenship have looked for themselves.

"Sure enough, if you stand a certain way on the angles or get on your tippy toes, you can see into each stall," said Blankenship.

The water park declined to comment on the complaints but did tell 10News the mirror has been checked out and any claims that you can get a good view into the stall are false. 

10News asked park managers to allow a crew in to confirm their statement. They declined, saying the story contained legal and personnel issues.

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