More charges likely in HIV case

SAN DIEGO - More accusers are now coming forward as the case against a man accused of knowingly spreading HIV continues to gain national attention.

A judge on Thursday postponed a local hearing for Thomas Guerra, who has pleaded not guilty to a misdemeanor count for willfully spreading HIV.

The judge declared the complaint has been amended and said Guerra, 29, must be present at the next hearing.

That’s a new requirement, and legal experts say it could point to problems for Guerra.
“The fact that he now has to appear could mean that they've raised the charge to a felony. It could also mean they've added charges,” said attorney Jessica Pride.

In the investigative report obtained by 10News, dozens of text messages from Guerra appear to show him bragging about duping unwitting partners.

That list of partners may be growing.

This man told the KGO in San Francisco he and Guerra dated for several months in 2010 and believes Guerra infected him.

“Around our second date, the topic of sex and status came up and he said he was negative and clean … It's surreal to expect someone so handsome and charming to come and do something like this,” said the ex-boyfriend.

He says he has since learned other Guerra exes also tested positive.        

“There was a group of gay young men in Fresno that suddenly tested positive, out of nowhere,” said the accuser.

Another man, a San Diegan, who says he was also infected by Guerra, tells 10News he knows of at least two dozen other potential victims.                                    

After learning of the amended complaint, he had this reaction: “I think it's a good thing. I’m hoping there's more serious charges that carry more weight when in terms of prison sentence. Six months is a slap on the wrist.”

Right now, Guerra is a free man. We tracked him down at a local home. The woman who answered the door confirmed he was there, but was unwilling to talk.

When asked about the accusations, she responded this way, “Uh no, he's not going to be dragged down.”

Guerra will be arraigned in court on Tuesday.

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