Mom of El Cajon man killed by cement truck talks with 10News after sheriff's report released

SAN DIEGO - For the first time since her son was run over and killed by a cement truck in Santee, Stevie Eastman's mother is speaking out only to 10News.

On Friday, just moments after the report was released, 10News obtained the San Diego County Sheriff's Department report on the crash after nearly three months of waiting.

In video captured by a restaurant's surveillance camera on the afternoon of Nov. 1, Stevie Eastman is seen walking back to work after lunch that Friday.

Eastman walks into the crosswalk at Mission Gorge Road on what appears to be a green light, as cars are driving in the same direction.

Then, a cement truck makes a left-hand turn, drives right through the crosswalk, runs over Eastman, and then comes to a complete stop.

"All I ever wanted was the driver to come to me and look me in the eyes and let me know that he's sorry," said Donna Dunn, Eastman's mother.

Since that day, Dunn said she's been unable to sleep, awaiting the sheriff's department's findings, in hopes it would provide at least a little closure.

"He was my son, my only son. He was one of my best friends. He was everything to me," said Dunn.

Now, nearly three months later, the investigation has been completed, detailed in a lengthy report obtained by 10News.

In the report, the driver, 54-year-old Steven Herr, told investigators his light was green, he never saw Eastman in the crosswalk and that the pedestrian light "was solid red."

A witness told investigators Herr "... appeared to be looking at something inside the cab" of his truck.

That witness did not see if Eastman's pedestrian light was "walk/don't walk."

In the end, the sheriff's department found Herr to be at fault for not yielding the right of way to Eastman.

Now Dunn hopes the wrongful death lawsuit she's filed against Herr and his employer, Robertson's Ready Mix, will prevent similar tragedies from happening.

"Stevie meant something, you know, like he was not just a nobody to this world. That's what they've made me feel like, that he didn't mean anything," said Dunn.

According to the County Medical Examiner's report, which was completed on Jan. 16, Eastman did test positive for THC, the active ingredient in marijuana.

High or not, the sheriff's department says Eastman had the right of way.

Herr has yet to be charged or arrested, but he could face misdemeanor charges, including voluntary manslaughter and failure to yield.

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