Mom: Caregiver charged in son's death after he was run over

Incident occurred in Normal Heights in Nov. 2013

SAN DIEGO - A woman says her son's caregiver has been charged in connection with her son's death after he was run over in a Normal Heights driveway.

Police say the 16-month-old child somehow walked out of the home and was run over by a car in November 2013. The child's mother, who only gave her first name, Dalia, said Laurie Valdez was charged two weeks ago. She says Valdez was high on marijuana at the time of the accident.

The San Diego County District Attorney's Office confirmed to 10News Monday that Valdez was charged with felony child abuse.

When 10News went to Valdez's home to ask questions, a woman who identified herself as "Laurie" said, "I want you guys to leave me alone."

When asked if she had a court date, the woman replied, "You know what, you guys are truly causing heartache. You guys should not even be asking stuff like this."

The child's mother says Valdez is due in court on Aug. 14.

She told 10News on Friday she filed a fraud report with San Diego police because of a GoFundMe account in her son's name.

10News discovered an active account online created by Laurie Valdez Torres for "the family's financial struggles." More than $8,000 has been raised. The mother says she has not seen a dime.

Valdez Torres emailed 10News on Sunday, saying the fraud allegations against her are "untrue and unjust." In the email, she said the bank account that is linked to the GoFundMe account is not hers but belongs to the child's paternal uncle, who was in charge of funeral expenses. She said every dollar collected was sent to him.

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