Mission Hills couple seeks help tracking down burglar

Wedding band among items stolen in burglary

SAN DIEGO - A Mission Hills couple is asking for help in tracking down a burglar after a wedding band was nabbed from inside their home.

"This feels very violating," said Laura Moncrieff.

Moncrieff, who owns the home, heard about it on the phone from her fiancé Mike Peterson.

"I went into my boss' office and just broke down," said Moncrieff.

Peterson noticed a garage door halfway up when he came home from work on Monday.

Inside, the home was ransacked. A broken sliding door lock was the likely entrance point.

Drawers were pulled open. An iPad, laptop, several watches and hunting knives were taken.

Inside a bedroom closet, a safe had been picked. Several pieces of family jewelry were taken, including Peterson's gold wedding band which was handed down from his great aunt. The two are getting married in March.

"It's just frustrating that someone would do this," said Peterson. "The band means a lot to my family."

Surveillance photos from a neighbor's security system show a man in a cap walking into the home with a cell phone by his ear and walking into the home.  About 20 minutes later, he walks out with one of Moncrieff's bags, filled with the couple's belongings.

The total loss is about $7,000.

"With the money we've spent on the wedding, this is really difficult," said Moncrieff.

The couple believes the burglar may have been scoping out the house – which is up for sale – prior to the burglary possibly at one of a handful of open houses.

Anyone with any information is asked to call San Diego Police.

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