Mira Mesa man comes face-to-face with bobcat lurking behind backyard

SAN DIEGO - A Mira Mesa man came face-to-face with a bobcat lurking behind his backyard Tuesday evening.

Jeremy Janke said he was relaxing with a beer at about 7:45 p.m. when he saw the large bobcat just outside his backyard fence. He started recording video on his cellphone and sent it to 10News.

"I saw the bobcat come and so he just started walking and I started videotaping," he said.

What is not seen from Janke's cellphone video is how he stared down the bobcat and tried to scare it off.

But it was Janke who got the scare of his life when the bobcat crouched down and looked like it was preparing to pounce.

"I was thinking to myself, 'Is he going to charge me?'" Janke said. "He could easily scale the fence."

Janke's 5.5-foot fence separates them from the Los Penasquitos Canyon Preserve in Mira Mesa. He and his wife Stella moved there a year ago and now they will never look at their peaceful backyard retreat quite the same again.

When asked if she will go back behind the fence ever again, Stella Janke responded, "No, never. I don't want to go out back here anymore."

Janke called animal control Tuesday night after his face-to-face encounter, but by the time they, arrived the bobcat was long gone. They told him about one bobcat can be found in San Diego County every 25 miles, so this was a fairly rare sighting.

The Jankes say this experience was too close for comfort.

"Yeah, he was kind of like, uh, like this and then he looked up at me like he was ready to do anything," Janke said. "You know, maybe charge. That's what it felt like."

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