Wounded Warrior is Super Bowl-bound

Staff Sgt. John Detamore heading to NY Thursday

SAN DIEGO - A Marine injured in Afghanistan will get to experience something he's always wanted to do -- go to the Super Bowl.

Staff Sgt. John Detamore has made four trips to Iraq and two to Afghanistan, the last in 2011 left him with a bullet in his lung.

Now, the 12-year Marine from Indiana, an admitted football fan for as long as he can remember, will go to the Super Bowl as the guest of honor by News America Marketing.

"I'm just the lucky one who got picked," he said.

This is the sixth year the marketing firm has selected wounded Marines to attend the NFL's big game, and when Detamore's name came up, he was initially reluctant to accept.

"I didn't grow up expecting things, and all of a sudden they said here you go, but I really think there were junior Marines who deserved it more," said Detamore.

Detamore's wife declined to go because she's not a fan of the cold and so she could care for the couple's six-year-old daughter.

Instead, Detamore will take Andrew Gonzales, a Navy sailor he met while undergoing treatment at Naval Medical Center San Diego. Both will be guests of honor at a Super Bowl party on the USS Intrepid museum and visit the 9/11 memorial.

"I was a senior in high school when that happened, and I've always wanted to go to ground zero," he said.

He and Gonzales will leave San Diego early Thursday.

"I know to dress warm because they expect it to be 30 degrees at game time," he said.

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