Nonprofit Troops Direct supplies troops on deployment

200 tons of equipment sent to date

CHULA VISTA, Calif. - When Aaron Negherbon received an email from a deployed Marine captain in Afghanistan four years ago asking for help, he could not say no.

"Literally helping a friend, and that's how Troops Direct started in 2010," Negherbon said.

The first shipment was for medical supplies because the captain said his unit had been in a firefight. Supplies were low and getting resupplied through normal channels might take forever, if at all.

"What happens is that gear either gets lost, destroyed or it may not be what troops need when they get to where they are going," Negherbon said.

Word about Troops Direct began to spread and what started in Negherbon's garage has morphed into a supply chain that to date has shipped 200 tons of supplies to troops deployed around the world.

"We make this happen solely on the generosity of donations," he said. "We don't bill the government. We don't bill the end user. 90 cents out of every dollar we get goes to getting our guys what they need."

For more information on Troops Direct and how you can support their cause, visit

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