New Midway Museum exhibit to showcase historic Battle of Midway during WWII

Work underway on Midway theater experience

SAN DIEGO - The Battle of Midway, considered the turning point of World War II, will be showcased at one of San Diego's most popular tourist attractions, the USS Midway Museum.

"We are striving to take history out of the books and immerse our visitors," said Scott McGaugh, the Midway Museum's marketing and history director.

Construction on a 90-seat, state-of-the-art theater will soon get underway after crews finish the demolition work needed to make room for the exhibit, which aside from a 14-minute film will also have a hi-tech twist.

"We will have a hologram in front of the screen describing the action on the screen from those who lived it," McGaugh said.

The hologram will be of naval aviator George Gay, the only survivor of Torpedo Squadron 8 who was shot down during the battle but survived by clinging to a life vest until he was rescued.

The battle around Midway Island in the Pacific took place six months after the attack on Pearl Harbor. The aircraft carrier USS Midway is named for the battle and was commissioned in 1945.

The exhibit is slated to open in December as the museum marks its 10th anniversary this June.

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