Navy Secretary Ray Mabus calls ship repair in San Diego vital to Navy

Mabus: Passing real budget a key to success

SAN DIEGO - During a visit to San Diego Thursday, Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus reiterated his commitment to the city's waterfront by telling more than 1,000 ship repair workers that what they do is vital to the Navy.

Mabus, the 75th Navy secretary, promised in front of workers at NASSCO and in front of military and industry leaders at the San Diego Military Advisory Council that the Navy will return to a 300-ship Navy by the end of the decade.

While grateful that a budget compromise was reached, Mabus lamented it only carries through until 2015.

"If the sequester comes back, if there are more continuing resolutions, without the flexibility to move money where we needed it, we'll continue to make dumb decisions," he said.

Mabus was asked about the Barrio Logan Update Plan, which would create a buffer zone between heavy industry and homes. Some arugue the plan will drive business away.

"Regardless of the vote, we will continue to work with the ship repair industry and the city," Mabus said of the plan.

Mabus is scheduled to take in a graduation at Marine Corps Recruit Depot Friday as well as an address to the troops at Camp Pendleton before returning to Washington.


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