Legacy of Bob Hope continues through foundation

Foundation donates $1.1M to military veterans

SAN DIEGO - More than a decade after his death, legendary entertainer Bob Hope continues to provide assistance for those in the military.

Like her grandfather, Miranda Hope is more than comfortable being with, around and supporting veterans.

To that end, the Bob and Delores Hope Foundation has made a donation of $1.1 million to help veterans when they leave the service.

"This donation to Easter Seals/Work First Military Service appealed to our heads, our hearts and that legacy," Miranda Hope said in front of the memorial tribute to her grandfather at San Diego's Embarcadero, across from the USS Midway Museum.

The donation will aid veterans by providing one-on-one counseling and mentoring as they transition away from active duty.

The USS Midway also has a unique tie to the Hope family.

"I was with my grandfather on the Midway for a USO tour in the 80s," she said. "We did countless shows, traveling from venue to venue, including the Midway and he was 84 years old at the time; it was then I knew he was cut from a different cloth."

Bob Hope died in 2003, but through the foundation, the legacy of supporting veterans continues.

"I was a midshipman at the Naval Academy in 1983 when I saw a USO show. Now 31 years later, I have the opportunity to still be a part of that legacy," said John Funk, director of Easter Seals/Work First Military Service.

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