Injured sailor medically evacuated from Navy submarine

Occurred about 160 miles west of San Diego

SAN DIEGO - An injured sailor was medically evacuated from a Navy submarine about 160 miles west of San Diego, U.S. Coast Guard officials said Saturday.

"If they're hoisting to a different type of vessel they have that visual reference, but with a submarine there's an extra element of challenge because they can't see the ship," said USCG Petty Officer 1st Class Henry Dunphy.

He spoke with 10News on the phone about the dramatic video of a sailor being medically evacuated from a submarine.

"It's very rare that we would hoist someone off of a submarine," Dunphy said. "They said it was pretty challenging with a small area that they were hoisting to and just the fact that you can't see a lot of the ship because it's underwater."

The crew of the submarine, based out of Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, contacted the Coast Guard shortly before 5 p.m. Friday, and alerted them to the 22-year-old man who had fallen and possibly suffered head injuries, according to Coast Guard officials.

A Coast Guard helicopter hoisted the injured man from the submarine about 90 minutes later, authorities said. The sailor was taken to U.S. Coast Guard Section San Diego on North Harbor Drive where he was turned over to emergency medical personnel.

"We do quite a few medevacs here in San Diego, whether it be cruise ship or a merchant mariner, but there's not a lot of times that we actually go out and help fellow service members, so I'm sure that was a good thing for the crew members."

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