Department of Defense steps up effort for missing servicemen

83,000 still missing dating back to World War ll

SAN DIEGO - Dorothy Page has been on a search since Jan. 5, 1952.  That's when her older brother's F-86 Sabre jet fighter went down over North Korea.  

"They found the wreckage but Frank's remains have never been found," said Page.

Frank Page left San Diego to join the U.S. Air Force.  

He was responding to help another squadron when his plane went down. It's one of the reasons the Department of Defense was in San Diego Saturday to brief families of missing U.S. servicemen.  

The DOD sent out 3,000 invitations to those it has in its database as next of kin. Some 200 responded.  

"It's a program we bring to various cities to meet with those families who are not in our DNA data base," said Maj. Carie Parker with the MIA-POW office.  

Families had their swab taken so that in the event remains of their loved ones are found, a DNA search can be done.  

"It's my hope that they can find Frank's remains while I'm still alive," said Page.

For more information call Maj. Carie Parker at 571-422-9059.

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