10News surprises 8-year-old with a special Valentine's Day gift - his mother from Afghanistan

SAN DIEGO - For an 8-year-old boy, getting a chance to tour a TV station is a day to remember.

But here at 10News we also had an added surprise for Sean Greene - a chance to give his mom, a U.S. Marine from Camp Pendleton who is serving in Afghanistan, a Valentine's Day wish.

Through the magic of satellite, we brought Shannon Greene to our studios and put her on the big screen so Sean could deliver the message personally.

His initial reaction... Mom? His second reaction... happy tears.


@10News was following 8-year-old Sean Greene from the moment he arrived. His first stop was a tour of master control, the "brains" of the station.

We brought Sean into the studio so he could practice reading from the teleprompter (he wrote the script himself).

Meanwhile, the engineering team was working madly to get Sean's mother on the line from Afghanistan.

After weeks of preparation, the moment finally arrived... and as soon as Sean started crying, so did everyone else in the studio. There wasn't a dry eye in the house.

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