Military ordnance found at La Mesa home

One piece looked like torpedo, weighed 500 lbs.

LA MESA, Calif. - Two large inert bombs were pulled out from under a La Mesa home and 10News was there as bomb technicians pulled them out.

The discovery was made just before 3:30 p.m. at a home in the 5000 block of Keeney Street, according to authorities.

Authorities said during the course of the home inspection, two pieces of "training shapes" were discovered in the basement of the house.

One of the items was torpedo-like and weighed as much as 500 pounds. The other item weighed about 25 pounds.

La Mesa police, fire units and the sheriff's bomb/arson unit were summoned to the scene to inspect the items, which were later determined to be inert.

It tookthree people to carry away the massive device found underneath the home alone Keeney Street off of El Cajon Boulevard.

The woman who currently lives in the home told 10News that she has known about the inactive bomb for 15 years.

“At first I was scared,” said La Mesa resident Martina Vasquez.  “I was told it was just a practice bomb. I'd known someone on the bomb squad and they were going to come and pick it up.”

But that was years ago and she had not thought about it since.

A 10News viewer who is a former ordnance expert said the larger device is an MK-81, a dud bomb, which was used by pilots for practice.

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