Military mom evicted from Tierrasanta neighborhood for son's alleged crimes

19-year-old caught on surveillance cameras

The mother of a car burglary suspect was in tears Tuesday as she told 10News she was being evicted for the crimes police say her son committed.

"[The housing authority] is having me removed for something that an adult child did, so I'm displaced with my other four children, nowhere to go," explained Brandy Moreno. "People have located my house, they're driving by, harassing, staring at us."

Moreno lives in a military housing community in Tierrasanta. Her son, 19-year-old Joshua Vandertuig, is accused of breaking into cars and homes in his neighborhood. A surveillance camera caught Vandertuig ransacking several vehicles early Sunday morning. 

"I can't deny the camera, I mean, he was caught," said Moreno. "I'm really sorry for what my son has done, and he did call and apologize for what he's done. He's not a bad kid, just got mixed up with the wrong crowd."

10News first reported the story of a rash of car break-ins in the same neighborhood back in May. Suzette Trantham, who lived just blocks away from Moreno, says thieves struck her home twice. The second time, they took off with her car, gutted it and dumped it about a mile away from her home.

Fearing the thieves would return, she installed several surveillance cameras at her home, despite her housing authority's request to take them down due to invasion of privacy.

"We were able to witness everything [the suspect] did," added Amanda Garcia, who says the video captured the suspect breaking into her car and her garage. "From my car to the neighbor's car, to the lady even across the street. So it was fortunate that [my neighbor] put the cameras up."

10News learned Vandertuig was also arrested last summer in Central California for his involvement in a dairy farm metal theft with his brother and grandfather.

Vandertuig is facing drug and burglary charges and is scheduled to be arraigned Wednesday at 1:30 p.m.


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