Midwest storm affecting holiday travel in San Diego

Dozens of Lindbergh Field flights delayed

SAN DIEGO - A powerful snowstorm thousands of miles away is having a huge impact on travelers in San Diego trying to get to their holiday destination.

Alex Van Dillen flew in from a business trip in Detroit. He considers himself lucky because his flight was delayed for only an hour. Others, he said, were stranded much, much longer.

"I saw some frustration; you see people running around with cellphones with dead batteries looking for plugs and that type of travel chaos that happens this time of year," said Van Dillen.

According to a website that tracks the number of flight cancellations in the U.S., as of 6 p.m. Friday, approximately 600 flights had been canceled.

Lucille Taylor's trip to San Diego was delayed two hours, and she told 10News, "In Sacramento, there were a lot of delays, a lot of switching planes, people who had to leave and then come back later. So it was a little messy."

The winter blast in the Midwest is no doubt making life miserable for a lot of people there, but the ripple effect for others around the country is undeniable.

The flight status board at Lindbergh Field was a disheartening sight for those just wanting to get home for the holidays.

At one point, all but two flights were either delayed or canceled.

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